We offer Automotive Repair and Maintenance on any Year, Make And Model Car or Truck on the road.

A/C and Heating Repair: A/C Evacuate and Recharge, Compressors,Condensor, Reciever/Drier, Heater Core, Hoses

Brake System Repair: Pads/Shoes, Drums/Rotors, Brake System Diagnostic

Coolant System Repair: Water Pump, Thermostat, Hoses, Radiators Cooling System Diagnostic

All Filter Replacement: Air, Oil, Fuel, and Cabin/Interior

All fluid exchanges: Transmission, Coolant/Anti-freeze, Brake, Power Steering, Differentials Front and Rear, Transfer Case, Manual Transmission, Final Drive and Fuel System

Engine Repair: Timing Belts, Tune Up (Spark Plug,Wires Etc..)Motor Mounts, All Gasket and Seal Replacement, Engine Diagnostic

Fuel System Repair: Fuel Pump, Pressure Regulator, Fuel Injector

Emissions Repair

Steering/Suspension Repair: Alignment, Ball Joints, ALL Front end Bushings, Rack And Pinion, Steering Arms, Shocks and Struts, P/S Pump and Hoses

Electrical Sytem Repair And Diagnopstic: Alternator, DEKA Batteries, Starter, Troubleshooting

Tire Replacement and Repair, NITROGEN fill for tires, Balancing, Can get ANY brand tire you want at competitive prices.